17311104344_d3e9b5310a_bDisplay Case Curator 

The Display Case Curator is responsible for acquiring collections for display in the Library’s display cases.  The position requires discernment for appropriateness to maintain the community standards within the Quaker Valley area.

Basic Description:

  • Plan and implement educational and engaging displays on behalf of the library. Handle and coordinate requests from individuals and outside organizations for use of the display cases. Maintain a schedule for use of display cases.  Promote the displays.  Keep display cases clean.
  • Create promotional materials that advertise the library and its displays. Provide information to the media using appropriate formats such as press releases, PSA’s, flyers, etc. Keep the staff informed of projects.  Write articles for the library newsletter with regard to current exhibit and the activities that are part of the show.
  • Determine prices with artist and inform and make available to the staff pricing and sales information.
  • Plan, coordinate and/or participate in promotional events with regard to the displays. This may include a program or reception for the exhibitor that will enhance the visibility of the display for the purpose of cultural awareness.
  • Ensure the Quaker Valley Art Board is changed monthly by the appropriate art teacher from the district.
  • This position has a flexible schedule but works approximately 10 hours per week or up to 40 hours per month.
  • The employee is expected to attend the monthly staff meeting.

Physical Requirements

  1. Be able to stand for extended periods of time, stoop, and reach with hands and arms.
  2. Be able to view a computer screen, manipulate a computer keyboard and mouse.
  3. Be able to carry items up to 20 lbs.

The pay rate is $10.00 per hour.

Applications accepted until the position is filled.

Please submit a cover letter and your resume to:

Carolyn Toth, Library Director
Sewickley Public Library
500 Thorn Street
Sewickley, PA  15143

Sewickley Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer