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The Teen Department provides books, CDs, video games, magazines, graphic novels, audiobooks, and programs specifically for teens in grades 6 through 12. Questions? Get in touch with the Teen Desk at 412-741-6920 or sewickley@einetwork.net


Top Five Scary Doctor Who Stories

Some may consider Doctor Who to be about normal people in terrifying situations and fighting their way out of them. Obviously, the show, in its 30+ seasons, has had some pretty scary stories, both in its original run and in the revival. In the spirit of October (you heard this rant already, so I’ll just keep it to myself this… Read more →

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Top Five Best Books to Read for Halloween

In the spirit of October (and its unusually-associated creepiness – I mean, what makes October the central month for scary things? I’d say January is creepiest month of the twelve), I’ll be talking about scary, Halloweenish books. More specifically, my five favorite. Before I start, I’d like to point out that, while I find all of these books either scary… Read more →

60 Minute Costume Challenge 2014

The 60-Minute Costume Challenge is COMING!

Your challenge: Create a costume from scratch in ONE HOUR using ONLY the materials and tools provided to you. Top three teams win prizes! Materials and support provided by Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse and Sweetwater Center for the Arts Register today @ http://tiny.cc/60minchallenge     Read more →

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New Fall Releases: Awesome New Books You Should Check Out

With school back in session after and extended summer of doing next to nothing, you’re probably looking forward to spending those precious free moments in school reading a new book, as opposed to goofing around with your friends or playing around on the internet. We have just entered October, which is usually the best time to be a bookworm. Why?… Read more →