SPL Teen Department

The Teen Department provides books, CDs, video games, magazines, graphic novels, audiobooks, and programs specifically for teens in grades 6 through 12. Questions? Get in touch with the Teen Desk at 412-741-6920 or sewickley@einetwork.net

September 2014 New Teen Fiction

Want to get a jump on the hottest new books in the Teen Department? Check out our new monthly list of upcoming titles!   Full list available for download: September Upcoming 2014                 Read more →

Retro Arcade Night

Three Cool Retro Games You Should Play

Friday is Retro Arcade Night, which is pretty awesome, especially if you’re a gamer. However, if you’re not a big gamer, it might be a bit overwhelming to suddenly have access to a bunch of classic games with weird-sounding names. Luckily, there are still awesome people like me in the world who are here to help out the uninformed participant… Read more →


Peter’s Five Interesting Summer Reads

An updated Teen Department website demands new content. That’s where YOU come in! Want to write book, movie, TV, music or video game reviews for us? Email feare@einetwork.net for more info!   This summer might be quite disappointing in terms of “blockbuster” novels (the much-hyped ones that everyone is always talking about), but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some… Read more →

Fort Party 2014.pub

Hot outside? Get FROZEN inside the library!

Join us for our second annual FORT PARTY as we cool out and enjoy the movie FROZENĀ in the comfort of our own constructed blanket and pillow forts!   FROZEN Fort Party – Friday, July 11th (7-9 pm) Register by clicking the image below: Read more →