Edgeworth Borough Website

Emergency Numbers Fire/Police – (412) 741-9400
Ambulance – (412) 741-7410

Edgeworth Borough was founded in 1904 and took its name from the Edgeworth Female Seminary, a small school for girls that had moved to our community (then called “Sewickley Bottom?) from Pittsburgh in 1836. The Seminary was named for Maria Edgeworth, a well-known Irish writer of the period who was much admired by the founder of the Seminary, Mary Gould Oliver.
As early as 1876, the community had a population of approximately 35 families. Today, Edgeworth Borough is home to more than 650 families who enjoy the ambience of its tree lined streets, its residential nature, and its welcoming character.

Address and Contact Information
301 Beaver Road, Edgeworth, PA 15143
Phone: 412-741-2866


Borough Council
Joseph T. Hoepp, President
Gary L. Smith, Vice President
David T. Aloe
Carrie A. Duffield
Ivan T. Hofmann
Gregory J. Marlovits
Daniel S. Wilson

Wayne T. Murphy

Council Committees
Finance, Budget, Pension, Personnel
Daniel S. Wilson, Chair
Carrie A. Duffield
Ivan T. Hofmann

Carrie A. Duffield, Chair
David T. Aloe
Gary L. Smith

Health, Sanitation, Sewers, Stream Purification
Gregory J. Marlovits, Chair
David T. Aloe
Daniel S. Wilson

Police, Traffic Regulations, Civil Defense
Ivan T. Hofmann, Chair
Gary L. Smith
Gregorty J. Marlovits

Property, Planning, Parks, Subdivision, Zoning
David T. Aloe, Chair
Carrie A. Duffield
Ivan T. Hofmann

Streets, Lights, Water
Gary L. Smith, Chair
Daniel S. Wilson
Gregory J. Marlovits

Other Elected Officials
Maher Duessel, CPA
503 Martindale Street-Suite 600, Pittsburgh, PA  15212
412-471-5500 Website: www.md-cpas.com

Real Estate Tax Collector (Borough and School District)
Robert Gray, Jordan Tax Service  (Deputy)
102 Rahway Road
McMurray, PA 15317-3349
412-835-5243 x125 (Chris Bell)

Bills are mailed on May 15th
Discount is 2% until July 14th
Face Value Due by September 14th
10% Penalty is attached after September 14th to Face Value
Appointed Boards/Commissions
Civil Service Commission
David T. Aloe
Jennifer Giotto
Bernard John

Planning Commission
David T. Aloe
Timothy Corcoran
Patrick Keane
David L. Martin
Mario Peluso

Zoning Hearing Board
David Genter
J. Scott Wendt
Elizabeth Wilson
Robin Pesa (Alternate I)
Bernard John (Alternate II)

Shade Tree Commission
Ann Coburn
Gregory Marlovits
Joyce Scalercio

Representatives to Authorities
Edgeworth Municipal Authority (Water)
Dennis Campbell
Ronald Casper
Richard Ullery

Leetsdale Municipal Authority (Sewer)
Richard McCormack III
George Patterson

Quaker Valley Ambulance
Robert E. Bagans

Appointed Agencies
Business Privilege Tax Collector and Local Services Tax Collector
Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendel Road
Irwin, PA 15642
Website: www.keystonecollects.com

Earned Income Tax Collector (Borough and School)
Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendel Road
Irwin, PA 15642
Website: www.keystonecollects.com

Garbage and Rubbish 
Regular household garbage and rubbish will be collected by the Borough contractor each Wednesday.
Garbage – Generally described as food and waste typically generated by a household. Unlimited backyard collection is provided for regular household garbage only. Garbage must be placed in watertight containers not exceeding 32 gallon capacity.
Rubbish – Discarded appliances and/or furniture, non-routine household items such as moving boxes, attic items, discarded clothing, etc. Yard and garden waste including grass clippings, leaves, vines and hedge clippings will be routinely removed every Wednesday. Rubbish must be placed in suitable containers (cons, boxes, trash bags, bundles) if possible, and placed at the closest public street line for collection, not earlier than one day before Wednesday pickup. The Borough contractor will not pick up tires, auto ports, or construction materials. By law, appliances containing freon must be drained by a certified technician and tagged as “freon Free”. Items of rubbish left behind by the Borough contractor have not met collection standards.
Please notify the Borough Office to report missed garbage or rubbish pickup. Under no circumstances ore gross clippings, leaves, or other debris to be deposited in the Borough streets or sewers. A permit for outside burning must be obtained from Allegheny County.
Brush – Tree limbs or shrubbery. Brush will be picked up by the Borough Public Works Department on Mondays and Fridays. All brush must be placed of the nearest public street line no earlier than one day before Monday collection. Private road residents may call the borough office to be placed on a pickup list. Please note that private road pickup may take up to one month.
Autumn and Spring Leaf Collection – The Borough Public Works Department picks up loose leaves during the autumn and spring months. Loose leaves may be placed at the street line, not directly on the street, for collection. Do not mix brush or debris with leaves. Private road residents may call the borough office to be placed on a pickup list, private road pickup will not occur until the end of the season.
Recycling – All residents are encouraged to recycle. A drop-off recycling site is located at 101 Chestnut Road – adjacent to the Norfolk Southern Railroad Tracks.  Items that may be recycled include plastics (#1 – #7), paper, aluminum, bi-metal and tin cans.  Glass is now being accepted !! Residents may recycle grass clippings by simply leaving them on the lawn or by composting.

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