Glenfield Borough Official Website

Emergency Numbers – 911
24 Hour Non Emergency –             (412) 369-2200

In the 1850’s, the site of future Glenfield contained a few small shops and local farmers grew vegetables. The Kilbuck Station was built in 1851 with the addition of a railroad. In 1875, to accommodate the great growth in the area, the Borough of Camdem was created. On June 10, 1876, the borough became known as Glenfield. Glenfield’s history has been full of floods, but the greatest one came in 1936. It covered approximately half of the borough.The addition of 1-79 effectively cut Glenfield’s size in half. It eliminated 93 buildings, leaving only 95.

Borough Government
Mayor – Michael Cherock

Council Members
President – David Orbison
Vice President – Paul Carmody
Robert Brown
Cathy Cunnard
Justin Gilmore
Amy Markel
Curtis Reiner
Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Parr Building, Dawson Avenue.

Connie Klauck – Secretary
Sandra Kurriger – Tax Collector
Michael Seymor – Solicitor

Address & Contact Information
315 Dawson | Sewickley, PA
Phone: 412.741.8566| Fax: 412.741.3963

Garbage Collection
Garbage pickup is every Tuesday, no recycling.

Riverside Park (Rentals available, call – 412.741.8566)
Allstates Marina Sales & Service

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