ccrOn Saturday, October 19 from 10AM to 1PM Commonwealth Computer Recycling (C.C.R.) will be accepting consumer electronic materials in our parking lot. C.C.R. has been awarded the prestigious R2 certification. This means that they have met very specific and strict standards set by the EPA to safely recycle and manage electronics. Items that they will accept and recycle for free include: computers, monitors, printers, cables/wires, strings of Christmas lights, cell phones, and most types of consumer electronics (unfortunately, CCR can no longer accept televisions.) They will also be offering hard drive erasure and destruction on-site for a $10.00 fee per drive. For more information, please contact John at C.C.R., (866) 925-2354 *Weather permitting, please call the library in case of inclement weather.


Free Electronics Recycling on Saturday, October 19 @ 10AM