Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

The Sewickley Public Library Adult Department is bringing back the Blind Date with a Book challenge. Take a book home without knowing its title. Is it love at first sentence? Maybe you need several reading sessions to know if you’re compatible. Will you find your perfect book match?

How it works: Stop by the display in the library lobby and read the brief descriptions on the front of the book wrappers. Don’t peek! Choose one to take home and check it out. Don’t forget a “Rate Your Date” bookmark!

After you’ve checked out the book, unwrap it to officially meet your date. Give the book a chance but if things don’t work out, simply return it. No hard feelings.

Fill out your “Rate Your Date” bookmark and return it with your book. We want to hear all the details!

The Blind Date with a Book display will be available February 1 – 14, 2022. Go ahead…take a chance on love.


Go on a Blind Date this February – with a Book!