Great Stories Start Here and Our New Logo
by Board Member Larry Castner

Making information available and accessible is one of the central roles of a great library.  There is no doubt that Sewickley Public Library is a great library.  Library Journal, the premier library magazine for librarians, rated Sewickley Public Library (SPL) as one of the best in the region, in the state and in the country.  Our patrons, both by their support and use of the library, made this recognition possible.

The library Board of Directors, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Expansion and Renovation Project of 1999, thought it was time to evaluate and remake the library image.  First we redesigned the library logo. It’s an updated and refreshed version of the logo that we began using 15 years ago.  The logo features the beautiful architecture of our building with the doors, open to welcome visitors, represented by a book.

Second, we developed a new tagline that you will see on all of our publications and website:  “Great stories start here”.  To kick-off our library story-telling theme, look for a story about the Library from a member of the Board or staff each month in our newsletter. There are also many great stories about the Library that live with our patrons, so we would love to publish your stories as well.  What great story do you have about the Library?  What great book did you check out from the Library that resonated with you?  What program did you attend here that you enjoyed?  How did a librarian help you? What connection did you make with help from the Library that made a difference? You can share your story on line Here or at the Great Stories Wall in the Library.  Help us tell our story by telling us your favorite library story.

We are still committed to keeping everyone informed about the Library’s new programs, books, media and technology.  Library events and articles will still be available on the website, in our newsletter and more.  We want to continue to build upon our already strong relationships between the Library and its supporters.


We’re listening … what’s your story?


Tell us, here.

Great Stories Start Here and Our New Logo by Board Member Larry Castner