SPL Presents “American Skyscrapers and the History of Building High”

More than 100 years ago, towering marvels like New York’s Flatiron Building thrilled the public and transformed cities across the country. Now we invite you to take a tour of the best of these elegant landmarks with Mark Houser, author of MultiStories: 55 Antique Skycrapers & the Business Tycoons Who Built Them.  Houser is an award-winning journalist and frequent public speaker who has appeared on CNN, FOX, and NPR. He conducts the popular “Antique Skyscrapers Rooftops & Views” tour for Doors Open Pittsburgh.

Houser enlightens audiences about the rags-to-riches risk-takers of the Gilded Age who invested in these so-called “machines that make the land pay.” The colorful photo presentation mixes rare historical images with Mark’s own photos of century-old skyscrapers from Manhattan to Seattle, Houston to Milwaukee — and Pittsburgh too.

Join us in-person for this lecture on Monday, September 13 from 6-7pm. Pre-register to be entered to win a copy of Mark’s book, MultiStories!


Lecture Highlights History of Antique Skyscrapers