Find Your Next Great Read

Have you ever needed help finding a good book? MatchBook is here to help with that! The Librarians at Sewickley Public Library have created this easy-to-use online form that you can use to get great reading recommendations. Librarians have been the go-to resource for finding reading material for ages. Now you can get help with your book list from the comfort of your own home and even on your smartphone.

Teen Librarian, Emily Fear, had this to say about why we need this service:

“We want to translate traditional readers’ advisory into a service both useful and necessary in the age of social media. Finding a new book to read shouldn’t be hard, but between the constant influx of new titles and the various, abundant review sources, it can be difficult to know where to find a worthy recommendation. A lot of review sources make general or generic reading suggestions, but our librarians are trained to make book recommendations based on each patron’s preferences.”

Every time a form is filled out, one of our thirteen librarians will receive a notification. They will make 3 to 5 advised recommendations based on the information that the patron entered. Users should expect a response within one week and even have the option of having the books ordered and held for them to check out.* The service is available for all ages and can be accessed at

* During the COVID-19 outbreak, this service is temporarily suspended. Librarians will recommend ebook titles as an alternative.