Life Through My Eyes: Visual Storytelling through Photographycamera
Tuesdays, March 17th – May 12th | 10 AM-12 PM

Join Local Teaching Artist Alisha B. Wormsley for a 9 week class on Visual Storytelling. In this course we will go beyond merely taking a pretty picture. By learning simple camera techniques, investigating well known photographers and looking at the photos we have and how they tell our story; we will create portfolios depicting each participants vision.  We will explore the key elements one must know to tell realistic and compelling visual stories. We will discover how to work with clients, friends and our family members without manipulating or posing. The end result will be stepping away with a holistic depiction of our lives in photographs. Lastly, we will learn how to photograph and display our images to best showcase them as they are: stories.

Registration is Limited and Required. Participants are expected to attend all 9 sessions and a final gallery show in May. Please Register in person or by calling the Reference Desk at 412-741-6920 x3.

New Photography Class Starting this March