The Friends of the Sewickley Public Library would like to thank the many ‘Friends’ in and around our community that volunteered their time and donated items to make Spring Bound V such a success. We couldn’t have done it without the following generous, library lovers.

Thank you to our Spring Bound V Sponsors:

Swanson Family
Sam and Judy Spanos
? Tim Hadfield
? Sewickley Chamber of Commerce
? Kate Jeffe
? Vivo
? 424 Walnut
? Kristy Krouse Photography

Special Thanks To:

? Randi Morgan, curator
? Tim Hadfield
? Richelle Klug
? SPL Staff
? Brennen Hydzik
? Rob Riker
? Edgeworth Club
? Brian Jeffe
? Levi Bowers
? Sam Spanos
? Abbey Zorich
? Alina Mattson
? Carson Riker
? Connery Brown
? Samuel Rampelt

Check out more of the artwork showcased during the event!