Have you ever wanted to know what a Librarian does all day? It can’t be reading ALL DAY, right? Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the behind-the-scenes area of the library. The answers can all be yours if you bid (using a tax-deductible donation) on an opportunity to have lunch with one of our Librarian/Staff Pairings. The library will pay for the Librarians’s lunches and you will be responsible for your own. After the lunch (must be somewhere in Sewickley) the Librarians will take you on a tour of the building including some of the staff-only sections.
Bidding runs from Friday, September 1 to Friday, September 15 and we will have a table set up in the library displaying all of the pairings that are open for bidding. In the case that you are an auction winner we will contact you by phone to set up a time for the lunch and to arrange the donation. If you win an auction we kindly request that the donation is received by us no later than September 22, 2017 so that we may submit it to the Allegheny County Library Association Love Your Library Month Campaign.

Start Bidding Now!

SHHHHH…A Silent Auction for Lunch with a Librarian