????? ??????: ? ??? $? ??? ?? ????? ???? is now extended through February 12th!

Are you hungry for something new? Are you willing to be bold and spice up your reading? If so, stop by the library between now through February 12 to sample the “Short Stacks” the Friends of Sewickley Library have packed up for you! Each Short Stack features one genre of five books for $5, sealed in a bag.

What’s in the bag? Like a good casserole, it’s a surprise!

What will tempt your taste buds? Choose from any of these Short Stack bags for your reading pleasure:

  • ? Fiction Feast
  • ? Young Adult Yummies
  • ? Memoir/Biography Bites
  • ? Mystery Munchies
  • ? History Hankering

Go ahead and kick your reading up a notch, no reservations required. It’s a sweet treat, a 5 for $5 Grab and Go! How easy is that?

Short Stacks Sale Extended