Do you love to explore? Enjoy learning about local sites? Love puzzles? Then you’ll definitely want to participate in the library’s Summer Scavenger Hunt!

When: August 1-7, 2022
Who: Families (2 or more individuals)

1st Prize – Pizza on us! ($60 at Caliente Pizza)
2nd Prize – Ice Cream on us! ($40 at Sewickley Confectionery)
3rd Prize – Cookies on us! ($20 at the Ultimate Pastry Shop)

Compete to solve clues and try to be the highest scoring team.  The three highest scoring teams will win gift cards to Caliente Pizza, Sewickley Confectionary, or the Ultimate Pastry Shop.

This is a family program with different level clues for all ages. Challenges will send you to locations throughout Sewickley as well as looking for things in your everyday life! To participate, one member of your team will need a smartphone and the free Goosechase app. Registration required.


Summer Scavenger Hunt