Sewickley Public Library Director Carolyn Toth and Board President Larry Castner at the Pittsburgh FoundationSave the Date… Sunday, May 20, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Join us for a fun and creative discussion of library programs and services as we envision new possibilities for Sewickley Public Library in the implementation of a generous $500,000 annual bequest from lifelong Sewickley resident, Raymond S. Suckling. Please bring your ideas. We want to hear what your library means to you! Space is limited, so make a reservation today at

In the interim, you may be receiving a letter in the mail asking for your support of the library’s annual fund for 2018. Despite the large bequest on the horizon, the library will receive only a portion of the bequest until the year 2021 when we can expect to receive the full amount. We continue to require a strong foundation in the interim, and beyond, so that Mr. Suckling’s generous donation can have the reach he intended. Together, we can realize a bright future for our library. Please thoughtfully consider making a donation in whatever amount is possible for you.


Town Hall Event: Update on the Raymond Suckling Bequest