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Thank you to our generous community for your support sustaining the innovative ways Sewickley Public Library connects people to the resources they need every day.

Together, 270 library lovers contributed $81,041 to the Sewickley Public Library during September’s Love Your Library month. These gifts unlocked matching funds of $13,741 from the Jack Buncher Foundation for a grand total of nearly $95,000 raised! Your contributions help keep our community connected to vibrant collections, engaging programming, knowledgeable library staff and so much more.

Thank you to the following donors who supported the library with a Love Your Library gift in September:

2022 Love Your Library Donors

Joyce Adler

Elizabeth Adler

Aleshire Family

Donald Allen


Robert Barry and Rosalind Kaliden-Barry

Martin and Bridgett Bates

Rita Bean and Tony Eichelberger

Shirley Benedict

Frank W. Bennett

Faith Bitterolf

Robin Bolea

Jan Bolea

Peter J. Borstelmann

Constance Boschetto

Richard Bowers and Miriam Rader

Gail S. Brooks

Michael and Kathryn Bryson

The Burns Family

Lynn Butcher

Mike Carelli

Gary and Janet Chace

Joe and Marianne Cibulas

The Anne L. and George H. Clapp Charitable and Education Trust

Carrie Clark

Darryn and Michelle Cleary

Joyce D. Cortese

George and Susan Craig

Kate Crouch

Joe and Joyce Davey

Bill and Jane de Haven

James R. DePhillips

Carol Dickson

Thomas and Mary Dirda

Mrs. Paula Doebler

Al Doyle

Patricia and Robert Drogowski

Ludmila Ellison

Scott and Amy Elste

Wilson and Jennifer Farmerie

Carroll W. Ferguson

Joe and Marion Ferrang

Regan Fetterolf

Bea and Lee Fields

Georgiana Fishter

Karen Ford

Friends of Sewickley Public Library

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Gaudio Jr.

Leo R. Gelb

Ralph and Gretchen Goetz

Marcia and David Gordon

Josh and Jen Gould

Patricia Grey

Capt. J. Blaine Griffith Jr., U.S.M.C.R.

Charles and Kitty Gross

Matrid Harper

Brian Hayden

Buzz and Laura Heflin

The Heimann Family

Sarah and Ed Heres

Ivan and Ruth Hofmann

Stephen and Mary Houghton

Eileen Hulme

Humongous Mellonheads Softball Team

Art and Jan Innamorato

Harris and Patricia Jones

Gwynne and Judy Jones

Robert and Lil Karasek

Jennifer Keating

Russell Keith

Rose Marie Kendall

Michael P. Kerr

Stephen and Stephanie Kiefer

Don and Rett King

Joe and Richelle Klug

Joanna Kochs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Kopf III

Mr. Robert Kopf, Jr.

Donna M. Korczyk

John and Alyson Korman

David and Kathy Kovacs

Tyler Koziar

David and Pamela Lasorda

Douglas and Vicki Lauffer

Thomas Lechner

Linda LeGoullon Karnavas

Mario and Nathalie Lemieux

John and Fran Lopinsky

Brian F. Lukach

John and Gail Macdonald

Marilyn Mauro

Chris and Mara McClain

Janet R. McDanel

Greg and Julia McFarlane

Kathy Ke and Joe Meier

Tim and Nancy Merrill

Frances Love Merryman

Nancy V. Miklos

Deborah Millar

Tim and Helen Miller

Rick and Dotti Miller

Patricia Moody

Rajen and Carolyn Mookerjee

Harry P. Muders, Jr.

Cynthia Mullins

Mrs. Joan W. Murdoch

Wayne Murphy

Bryon and Jennifer Nastasi

David and June Nimick

Nan and Fabian O’Connor

John Orndorff

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Orsini

Susan Paczak

Dr. Paul Palevsky & Dr. Sharon Roseman

Rich and Sharon Papke

Richard and Karen Parker

Tom Parker and Glenda Larson

Eugene Parsons and Lucy Lin-Parsons

Nick and Joan Pasquerilla

Joe and Toni Passarello

Robert C.  Patterson, Jr.

Bob and Joan Peirce

James and Dolores Perino

Diane M. Perino

The Podroskey Family

The Pogue Family

John and Cecilia Poister

Carol Poninsky

Proteus Foundation

Mariah Rawding

Jory and Melanie Richman

Rob and Leslie Riker

Mona and Bob Riordan

Jim and Sally Rogers

Patricia S. Rose

Susan Royer

John and Kathy Rumin

Ted and Marilee Ruscitti

H. W. Ryals

Leo and Mary Scalercio

Lynne and Robert Schneider

Ed and Theresa Schroth

David and Christa Sculley

Jean P. Sebolt

Charles and Maggie Setler

Norman Shaw

Stephen and Patricia Sherman

Judy and Ned Sherry

Elizabeth (Liza) Sipe

Melody Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Spalding

Judith Spanos

Marguerite O. Standish

Luke and Carolyn Stevens

John & Joan Straka

Joan B. Sullivan

Joel and Maria Swanson

G&S Swegal

Robert Thaw and Barbara Cooley Thaw

Tris and Bud Thorne

Rodney and Molly Torbic

Carolyn Toth

Matthew and Julie Tremaine

Ken and Mary Urish

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Veltre

Tom and Saundy Waseleski

Louis Weiss

Claude Whalen

Malachy and Patty Whalen

John and Liz Yankello

Aaron and Jennifer Young

Margaret Zimmerman

Jeffrey Zupanc and Kathleen Flannery

*70 donors have chosen to remain anonymous

Donations updated October 4, 2022

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Last year 324 donors contributed more than $36,000 – a record number –
unlocking an additional $9,000 in matching funds from the Jack Buncher Foundation.  Help us do it again!

In September, libraries across Allegheny County are inviting residents to participate in a special fundraising collaboration to show support for their local library.  Love Your Library, the seventh year of this special county-wide campaign developed by the Allegheny County Library Association and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, encourages residents to show their library love by investing in their libraries.

All donations to the Sewickley Public Library between September 1 – September 30, 2022 will be MATCHED! Thanks to the generous support of the Jack Buncher Foundation, donations made to participating libraries of up to $500 per donor will count toward the match. At the end of the campaign, libraries will receive a pro-rated portion of the $200,000 match pool to support their services and operations based on the total funds raised.

This unique campaign coincides with the American Library Association’s National Library Card Sign-Up Month, which introduces the community to the wide variety of services local libraries provide – from text to high-tech.  Find out how to get a library card at the Sewickley Public Library today!

Ways to show your love this month:

Thank you for your generous support of Sewickley Public Library!