Drawn Together: Coming of Middle Age Story in 62 Portraits

Drawn Together Portraits

June 2022

Kirsten Ervin and Suzanne Werder, Pittsburgh artists, drew each other every day during January 2022. Acting as both observer and subject, the two women met in person to draw at Ervin’s studio over 14 days in January 2022. On other days, the artists worked from selfies sent to one another. The show is an investigation into the artists’ everyday lives, and the nuances and slight changes in each person over time. All 62 portraits in the series were on display at UnSmoke Systems Artspace in Braddock during April 2022. Twelve of these portraits, representing 6 dates in January, will be displayed at the library, as well as two brand new paintings the artists created in tandem during their UnSmoke Systems gallery closing.

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