Old and New Works by Maxine Heller and David Mooney





From August 12 – October 15, 2018, the Sewickley Library display cases will feature 2 artists who weave: Maxine Heller and David Mooney.

David Mooney first noticed and appreciated tapestries as a child in when he encountered them in a museum. He started working in weaving in the 70’s, a preoccupation that co existed for 15 years with his work in the electronic sound medium, but the latter eventually won out, and he gave up fiber until 2014. He says part of his decision to re-engage with fiber was “… a reaction to the ever more ubiquitous presence, and intrusion, of electronic devices that seem to push us into an ever tighter present and ever shorter attention spans. Events just happen. They have no context or history. We are so busy recording and communicating, if it can be called that, our experiences that we don’t actually have the experience. Or, recording it becomes having it. Weaving is a way to step out of this insanity.”

Maxine Heller has been weaving since 1975.  Of her process she says: “My work comes from my dreams, fantasies, travels, and ideas.  Some of the colors and images are inspired by poems I read.  My designs often feature constellations of planets or of faces suggesting relationships.”

Mooney and Heller are residents of Pittsburgh.


Our Display Cases are curated by Alex Lakin.

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