Audio Recording Station

Audio Recording Station

Everything you need to record voice over, music, and more. Instructions for use.

Equipment  included: 2 microphones, mixing board with up to 4 inputs, a laptop with recording and editing software, audio playback monitors, cords and adapters.

Checkout Period: In Library Use

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Laptop Computer

These HP ProBook laptops include Libre Office,, Adobe Reader, Zoom, and GIMP. 

Checkout Period: 7 Days

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Little Bits Deluxe Kit

Take your tinkering to the next level with Little Bits! Connect the magnetic circuit modules to come up with countless combinations to make projects spin, light up, beep and more! Kit includes 18 modules, battery and project guide.

Checkout Period: In Library Use

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Projector (Digital Projector)

Borrow this BenQ digital projector for your next presentation or movie night. Connect your device via HDMI or VGA connections.

Checkout Period: Up to 3 Days

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Roku Express

Enjoy streaming content at home with a Roku. Kit includes the Roku, remote, power cable, and HDMI table. You will need to provide a TV and an internet connection. Roku channels available include: Amazon Prime, Netflix, VUDU Movie collection, and PBS Kids. 

Checkout Period: 7 Days

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WiFi Hotspot

WiFi hotspots provides an internet connection for your devices. Hotspots include unlimited 4G data with up to 15 simultaneous connections. 3G data is available outside the United States.

Checkout Period: 7 Days

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