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Street Photography: The Works of Autumn Hyde


September and October 2022

Autumn Hyde is a photographer, potter, and art educator from Pittsburgh. She holds a BFA in Ceramics and Art History from Slippery Rock University; she currently teaches both ceramics and photography courses at the Community College of Allegheny County, where her teaching practice focuses on creating accessible and decolonized course materials. Autumn also serves on the board at Creative Citizen Studios, a local nonprofit providing artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to make, sell, and exhibit their artwork; she envisions a vibrant local art community that is accessible and inclusive to all.

Autumn began shooting film two decades ago and maintains a darkroom; all of her images are shot on various black and white and color film stocks and are processed using traditional methods. As an avid traveler, her current body of photographic work largely features street photographs and portraiture from her trips. “I think there is something incredibly interesting about the fleeting connections we make with others in our journeys. Most of the faces I photograph I’ll never meet again, but they are tied to my own story permanently through my work. There is also something so beautiful about capturing people as they are: no studio backdrops, no lighting, and no preparation. This is how we see each other.”

Vibe, Grit and Groove: The Artwork of Bill and April Scimio

July and August 2022

Bill and April Scimio are a husband-and-wife team living and working in Spruce Creek, PA. Bill, a Sewickley native, works primarily in metal and wood using reclaimed or found materials like old tools, car parts, tree stumps, and roots. April’s work is two-dimensional explorations of lines, shapes, and mark-making in a variety of media often grounded by the safety of a horizon. Although they work in different media, their approach is similar: constant experimentation, creative fearlessness, and unrefined authenticity. Together, they are each other’s muse and enabler.

Drawn Together: Coming of Middle Age Story in 62 Portraits

Drawn Together Portraits

June 2022

Kirsten Ervin and Suzanne Werder, Pittsburgh artists, drew each other every day during January 2022. Acting as both observer and subject, the two women met in person to draw at Ervin’s studio over 14 days in January 2022. On other days, the artists worked from selfies sent to one another. The show is an investigation into the artists’ everyday lives, and the nuances and slight changes in each person over time. All 62 portraits in the series were on display at UnSmoke Systems Artspace in Braddock during April 2022. Twelve of these portraits, representing 6 dates in January, were displayed at the library, as well as two brand new paintings the artists created in tandem during their UnSmoke Systems gallery closing.


The Gum bichromate Prints of Gary DeBerry

May 5 – May 30, 2022

Starting May 5th through late May, the display cases hold the Gum Prints of Gary Deberry, a Bell Acres resident and ’72 graduate of Quaker Valley. DeBerry created the gum bichromate prints from photographs he took in Greece and Turkey and used them to obtain his certificate in photography from the now defunct Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Gum bichromate is one of the original photographic processes from the mid 1850’s that became popular in the 1890’s. These images were exhibited at the Silver Eye Center for Photography members gallery when they were located in the South Side of Pittsburgh.


Celebrating Women’s History

March 3 – March 31, 2022

In March, the display cases will be celebrating Women’s History Month by highlighting a selection of women from various creative disciplines who were born in Pennsylvania or spent a significant part of their lives here. Please check out the display cases when you’re passing through to learn more about some familiar names and discover women you may never have heard of.


Natural Forms: an Invitation to Appreciate and Protect Our World 

January 15 – February 28, 2022

Sewickley artist Suzanne Watters has always had an interest in creative experimentation. She has taken many art classes throughout her life, and she has a master’s degree in 20th century art history. Suzanne is inspired by nature, and she considers it to be one of the best teachers. Her work has been shown at a number of regional galleries, and it is included in a few corporate art collections. She is one of the founders and co-chairs of the local community group, Sustainable Sewickley, and her art reflects and supports that work.

In her life and in her work, Suzanne aims to raise awareness about environmental issues, in particular climate change. Often she does this visually by going out into nature and recording her impressions in her painting, by which she hopes to encourage the viewer to be mindful and to notice the details of their own surroundings. These paintings showcase the artist’s interest in presenting beautiful color combinations and her love of natural forms. The most important aspect of Suzanne Watters’ work is that she integrates images from the natural world in a call to not only appreciate it, but to preserve and protect it.


A Celebration in Print

October 10 – November 7, 2020

In partnership with Sweetwater Center for the Arts, the Sewickley Public Library is showcasing a collection of titles featuring local Black authors, items related to the history of African American in the Sewickley Valley, and works highlighting African American art & culture.

The collection is currently on display at the Sewickley Public Library through November 7. All titles may be borrowed using an Allegheny County library card. View the collection, get further reading recommendations, or get a library card at the library.

MAVUNO runs from October 10 – November 7, 2020.  More info about MAVUNO at www.sweetwaterartcenter.org/mavuno.


Hortus Hibernus

November 26, 2019  – January 9, 2020

HortusHibernus, (“Winter Garden” in Latin) is a group show featuring prints, paintings , sculptural work and functional ceramics related to flowers and plants. Artists in the exhibit include Ali Karsh, Cicely Murray, Jack Taylor, Joseph Noderer, Mark Vander Heide, Soren Lundi, Vanessa Adams and Vanessa Kettering.



October 14  – November 16, 2019

Ben Gibson’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited both nationally and regionally and have received many awards. His work is in numerous museum and gallery collections, such as The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Butler Institute of American Art, East Carolina University Museum of Art, Flint Institute of Art, Charles Burchfield Center, SUNY System, Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Rutgers University, Sioux City Art Gallery, Springfield Missouri Museum of Art, and the University of Pittsburgh. Some corporate collections include Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania, Duquesne Electric Company, Hongkong, Shanghai Banking Corporation, and Stackpole Hall Foundation of Pennsylvania. 

       Doll Collectors

September 1 – October 15, 2019

In September, the display cases featured two doll collections. The majority were from Sewickley Public Library’s own Miryam Ratchkauskas’s  large international collection, “dolls from every country”.  A Moon resident, Miryam began collecting dolls in 1971 when she moved from her native Lithuania to Israel. One case showcased selections from Pamela Armstrong’s doll collection. Pamela spent her teenage years in Sewickley, in the late 1950’s and early sixties.

Annie Weidman:

Works in Paper 

August 1 – 31, 2019

Annie Weidman is a Pittsburgh artist who uses colorful packaging discards to meticulously craft her colorful collages.

Someday Your Prints Will Come

   Real Paintings and Prints by Steven W. Justice

June 1 – July 13, 2019

“I paint satirical cartoon portraits, even if my painting’s subject occasionally loses top billing and becomes subordinate to another character or some other theme I discovered. I pay honor (or dishonor, sometimes) to a pantheon of hero geniuses, creators, teachers, seekers, crackpots and hangers-on, and although most of my subjects are characters from the past, nostalgia is not my intent. The past is history and the future is mystery — we must accurately interpret the former in order to effectively prepare for the latter, something we don’t follow through on as well as we could.”

– Excerpt from Steven W. Justice’s Artist Statement

Celebrating Sewickley Valley Hospital School of Nursing

97 Years of Educating Nurses

May 1 – May 31, 2019

A small exhibit of memorabilia from the school and graduates will be displayed at the Sewickley Library during the month of May. The Sewickley Valley Historical Society opened a larger exhibit on Nurses’ Day, May 6. through May 15th.

This is a trip down memory lane for many graduates who provided the Sewickley community with a caring profession and fostered the growth of the nursing profession.

Marian Miller, Sewickley Valley Hospital School of Nursing graduate, Class of 1963, headed up the effort. 


The Evolution of the Camera

March 3 – March 31, 2019

During March 2019, the display cases will showcase a collection of  film cameras from the 1930s through notable digital cameras of the early 2000s; over 80 years of camera evolution.  These are from the private stocks of a local collector, who has been passionate about film photography for nearly 40 years: his first roll of film negatives dates to 1981.  Most of the cameras displayed came from tag sales and flea markets; many were donated.  Every camera tells a story.

La Verne Kemp

Celebrating 40 Years, a Fiber Retrospective

February 2 – March 2, 2019

 LaVerne Kemp’s award-winning textiles have been a fixture of Pittsburgh’s fiber arts community for forty years. Her work has been exhibited extensively in Pennsylvania and Ohio and, notably,
featured three times in Carroll Harris Simms National Black Art Competition and Exhibition at the African American Museum in Dallas, Texas as well as The African American Art Exhibition at “Actors Theater “ in Louisville , Kentucky. She has been a committed teaching artist for children and adults for many years through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

LaVerne says, “A part of me is interwoven into each piece that I create. Like my life, my weaving is a collaboration of color, texture and pattern. Over the years my fiber work has evolved into an art form rather than simply traditional weaving. I have explored and incorporated photo transfer, batik, stamping, dying, beading, hand and machine assembly, embroidery and quilting … My art and my passion are interwoven as one fabric.”

 20th anniversary of The Skin I’m In:
The Memorabilia of Sharon Flake


  January 3 – January 27, 2019

 With millions of books in print, Sharon G. Flake has earned an international reputation as one of the top children’s and young adult authors in the country today.

Her breakout novel  The Skin I’m In, established her reputation as a must read author among  middle and high school students, as well as  teachers, parents and librarians.  Flake has penned nine novels, including Pinned, a book about a struggling reader and gifted wrestler, a historical mystery novel Unstoppable Octobia May, and a clever picture book called You Are Not a Cat.   Her work has been translated into French, Italian, Korean and Portuguese.  She has earned numerous awards and recognitions including several Coretta Scott King Honor awards; the Kirkus Review Top Ten Book of the Year; YWCA Racial Justice Award; Detroit Public Library Outstanding Book of the Year Award;  Best Books for Young Adult Readers by the American Library Association; Top Ten Books for the Teen Age by the New York Public Library; Top Twenty Recommended Books to Read by the Texas Library Association, the  Junior Library Guide Selection and more .  Flake is a former spokesperson for Reading is Fundamental (Pittsburgh) and a National Book Foundation Fellowship recipient as well as a presenter at the Library of Congress National Book Festival. Her work is taught in colleges and universities nationwide, and used in classrooms across the US and abroad.  Flake is published with Scholastic Books for Children,  Disney Publishing, and Boyds Mills Press.  Having turned her novel Skin I’m In into a play, she is looking to take her work to the stage.

Sharon G. Flake’s bestselling, Coretta Scott King award winning novel, The Skin I’m In turned 20 in 2018. Come by and learn more about Sharon Flake!

Come into Animal Presence


  November 27 – December 31, 2018

This holiday season,  the library display cases  feature an exhibit called “Come into Animal Presence”, which is the title of a beautiful poem by Denise Levertov. This group show is an invitation to switch gears and consider the other species who inhabit the earth with us – each artwork will address animals in some way. Artists include Kathryn Carr, Niffer Desmond, Beth Hovanac, Alexandra Lakin, Maria Mangano, Sam Milford, Pamela Price and Bill Scimio.

Dia de los Muertos

Objects from Lisa Rivera’s Day of the Dead Collection


October 22 – November 15, 2018

From October 22, 2018 – November 15, 2018, the library display cases contain a collection of folk art and other objects related to the Mexican Day of the Dead, on loan from Sewickley resident Lisa Rivera.
A celebration that originated in Mexico but is celebrated throughout Latin America, Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, is a festive 2 day event celebrated on Nov 1 and 2 that honors deceased family members and ancestors. Come check it out to learn more!


 Lisa Rivera is a Sewickley resident who hails from El Paso Texas, across the border from Juarez, Mexico.
She frequently visited the Mexican sister city, and early on developed a lifelong fondness for all things Mexican.
In particular, Lisa has amassed a large collection of objects related to the Day of the Dead and was so kind to lend the library a beautiful array of sculptures, paintings and even mass produced objects (to show how ubiquitous the holiday has become) as well as creating a sample Ofrenda, or altar, which honors the dead.

Christine Bethea and Janet Watkins

Reclamation: Art from Clay, Glass and Reuse

September 15 – October 21, 2018

The artists discussed their journeys from creating art at the Kitchen Table
at a reception in front of the display cases, Friday, September 28th.
Christine Bethea
Janet Watkins


Old and New Works by Maxine Heller and David Mooney


From August 12 – September 15, 2018, the Sewickley Library display cases featured 2 artists who weave: Maxine Heller and David Mooney.

David Mooney first noticed and appreciated tapestries as a child in when he encountered them in a museum. He started working in weaving in the 70’s, a preoccupation that co existed for 15 years with his work in the electronic sound medium, but the latter eventually won out, and he gave up fiber until 2014. He says part of his decision to re-engage with fiber was “… a reaction to the ever more ubiquitous presence, and intrusion, of electronic devices that seem to push us into an ever tighter present and ever shorter attention spans. Events just happen. They have no context or history. We are so busy recording and communicating, if it can be called that, our experiences that we don’t actually have the experience. Or, recording it becomes having it. Weaving is a way to step out of this insanity.”

Maxine Heller has been weaving since 1975.  Of her process she says: “My work comes from my dreams, fantasies, travels, and ideas.  Some of the colors and images are inspired by poems I read.  My designs often feature constellations of planets or of faces suggesting relationships.”

Mooney and Heller are residents of Pittsburgh.


Vintage African Objects

June 21 – August 10, 2018

The display cases featured a selection of vintage African objects from the collection of Sewickley resident, Linda Roemer. The pieces came from a variety of areas and ethnic groups and are made from all different materials – beaded hide, carved wood, forged metal and more.   

The purposes of the pieces were diverse:  a ceremonial wedding necklace, a royal modesty apron, a heddle pulley used in weaving, and forged metal snakes which were used to heal from snakebite, to name a few. The library thanks Bill and Linda Roemer for their generosity in sharing pieces from their special collection with the community. 


Elizabeth Claire Rose :
Alpine Geography

Monday, May 7 – Friday, June 15, 2018

We are thrilled to be showing a selection of works on paper by artist Elizabeth Rose, a Pittsburgh area artist who is currently attending graduate school in Philadelphia. Rose has researched and created many series of artworks which explore landscape, migration, ecology, and place. She uses traditional methods of printmaking and photographic processes to create works on paper, illustrations, installations, and public art.


Quaker Valley Student Art Work

QVSD School District Display

April 2018

The display cases in April feature the artwork of students in the elementary, middle and high school of the Quaker Valley School District.

Shifting Perspectives: Five Years On

February 26 – March 17, 2018

This exhibition celebrates the five year anniversary of an Artists Invite Artists group residency focused on atmospheric firing at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts.

Included are: Fred Herbst, Julie Crosby, Trevor Dunn, Kenyon Hansen, Louise Harter, Doug Jeppesen, Liz Lurie, Dan Murphy, Tara Wilson.

Organized by Fred Herbst. Feb 26-Mar 17. Reception: Friday, Mar 16, 6-9pm.

Ornament as Skeleton, This exhibition explores binary relationships between ceramics and architecture; technology and craft; and structure and decoration. Eliza Au. Organized by Eliza Au. Mar 14-17.
* This exhibit took place on the magazine cases in the reference area. *

Esther Rankin: Paintings and Drawings

January 19 – February 15, 2018

Esther Rankin works with oil and acrylic paint, as well as watercolor, ink, and charcoal and pastels. Esther is visually impaired and has a condition called Chronic Optic Nerve Atrophy, and was born color blind. Nevertheless she has forged a unique art making practice, making affecting and intriguing paintings and drawings.
Born in Aliquippa, Ms. Rankin lived in London for 4 years, and now lives in Ambridge, PA.

Holiday Gift Shop

During December 2017,  the display cases contained an array of gift items made by local artists and craftspeople. We featured work by artist and children’s illustrator Jeff Brunner, and offered a children’s ornament making workshop with him during December in conjunction with SPL’s Children’s Department.

Also included in the holiday gift exhibit were Kathryn Carr, Randi Morgan, Larissa Graudins of Rissi Design, Huffalo, Shivika Ashvana, Margaret Hendrickson, Maria Swanson, Bill Scimio and Jenifer Cooney.

Selections from….
Sewickley Public Library’s Local History Room

November, 2017

Check out the library’s digitized Historic Images and Documents here: http://digitalcollections.powerlibrary.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/psepl-hiad

Vanilla Moon
Mixed Media Exhibition Guest Curated by Lacey Hall

September 9 – October 15, 2017

Dandelion Wine is referred to as an autobiographical fantasy. This could also refer to the work in this show, as many of the artists look at ordinary objects, places, or things and make them extraordinary.
Bradbury looks at the clock and makes it a moon, and then makes the moon vanilla.
Likewise, these artists re-contextualize bees, flowers, birds, and plants, treasured objects and putting them in a new world, and giving them life. These artists still have one toe dipped in reality, but they also live in magic. Looking at these magical new worlds is somewhat like looking at a solar eclipse.
Everything is new and little odd, and may leave us feeling more alive and connected than before. – Lacey Hall

Meredith Douthett
Robin Russell
Michael Willis
Pauline de Roussy de Sales
Elliot Camarra
Ellen Khansefid
Amanda Hunter
Lacey Hall
Beth Bolas
Dean Goldman
Marisa Marofske
Josephine Devanbu
Will O’Brien
Haley Dunn

At The End of the Day: 
Mixed media work by Naomi Chambers and Nora Gilchrist

August 7 – September 6, 2017

Paintings, drawings, fabric collages and mixed media pieces by Pittsburgh artists Nora Gilchrist and Naomi Chambers.

Sewickley Pennsylvania: Our Neighborhood
The Postal History of the First 150 Years

July 1 – August 6, 2017

This postal history collection tells the story of the origin and development of the eight post offices that served the greater Sewickley area of Southwestern Pennsylvania from 1803 – 1953, tracing the name Sewickley or “Sweetwater” from its roots at Sewickley bottom (today Leetsdale) and Sewickleyville, up to today’s Sewickley. Other nearby offices: Hayesville, Edgeworth Station, Dixmont, Glenfield, Fair Oaks, Leetsdale and Shields, were all incorporated in to the Sewickley Post office by 1982.

The collection, which belongs to Sewickley resident Dan Telep, features early stampless and hand-stamped usages, Internal Revenue and documentary usages, rates, auxiliary markings, regular issues and every recorded cancellation marking used. Seven unique varieties of cancellations, including the discovery Sewickley Edgeworth Station marking and the Sewickley and Leetsdale straight line cancels, are in the collection. Examples are drawn from private mails, incoming domestic and foreign mails and business correspondence.

Margaret Rose: Pastel Landscapes

June 3 – June 28,  2017

Margaret Hendricksen was born in the Chicagoland area and moved to Pennsylvania less than a year ago. Margaret always wanted to be an artist. But in which medium she never knew. She has had experiences in all mediums and went to college for film. Her mother was and still is an oil painter. It was only a few years ago that her mother exposed her to canvas type art and she ultimately fell in love with pastel art. She loves to work with colors and enjoys painting landscapes and still life.

Many people assume that pastel is oil pastel. There are several kids of pastel. Margaret works with a soft pastel, which can be described as a “colored chalk”. 

 Maria Mangano: Works on Paper


               May 1  – June 2,  2017

Maria Mangano is an artist who explores the intersection of nature, museums, and science to address issues of wildness, conservation, and humanness.

Wildlife, especially the kind familiar to people living in cities, figures largely in her work. Birds, in particular, have always captured her interest because of the fractal-like depth of their physical complexity and their significance in human culture as symbols, augurs, and links to the spiritual world.

Mangano specializes in intaglio printmaking, a type of printmaking that includes etching and engraving, as well as watercolor and mixed media drawing.

The Wildlife Photography of Doris Dumrauf


               February 15 – March 24, 2017

Please join Mrs. Dumrauf for her presentation “CreateYour Own Backyard Wildlife Habitat”,
which will take place Wednesday March 8th in the Community Room at the library.
Learn how to attract wildlife to your yard and why native plants are crucial to this goal. As a nature photographer, Mrs. Dumrauf spends many hours in her back yard – a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat – and observes the web of life up close. After her talk, Mrs. Dumrauf will sell and sign copies of her new book.

 Karen Krieger and David Montgomery


January 6 – February 10, 2017

    Sewickley Public was pleased to show the artwork of  husband and wife Karen Krieger and David Montgomery. Both artists are extremely skilled with their hands (and ideas). In this exhibit, Karen, who is also an accomplished silversmith/jeweler, shows recent sculptural work: hand-stitched, 3-D paper forms. David shows a selection of 15 of his intricate dioramas/shadowboxes made of wood, brass, paper, glass, antique hardware, and various other materials.

Holiday Giftshop

From December 4—December 31, 2016

Artwork, Pet Accessories, Jewelry, hand knit items and more by Kathryn Carr, Jeff Brunner, Lindsay Huff (Huffalo), Randi Morgan, Rissi Designs, Mutthead, Jennifer Wojtowicz and more.

“MindForms and Liminal Landscapes”

A selection of paintings by Linda Price-Sneddon

From November 4—December 2, 2016

Four Ceramicists: Yoko Sekino -Bove, Eric Pardue, Seth Payne and Reiko Yamamoto



Functional ceramics, On display October 4th – November 4th, 2016

The Paintings of Adalberto Ortiz

From September 1 – September 28, 2016

The Paintings of foot painter Sandy Allison

IMG_2429 (1)

July 28 – August 28, 2016


June 24 – July 20, 2016

Above Ground Fruiting Body Mushroom Show


Artwork by: Tanya Ahn Riedel, Lucy Martin, Melody Owen, Matthew Underwood, Alexandra Lakin, Theodore Bolha, Tugboat Printshop, and a display case representing The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club. Be sure not to miss two extra programs that have been planned in conjunction with the art show: A showing of the documentary, Know Your Mushrooms on Tuesday, July 12 at 7PM and presentation about Sewickley Area Summertime Fungi on Monday, July 18 at 7PM. The presenter, Ann Berger, a Sewickley resident and member of the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, gave a talk on the fungi found in the Sewickley area in the summer.

The Artwork of Children’s Book Illustrator

Giselle Potter


   May 4 – June 15, 2016