You can find information on the Sewickley Herald Digital Archive by searching or browsing.
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Browsing allows you to view all of the issues of the papers by its date, starting in 1903.  To enter browse mode, click on “Browse All.”1






When you find an issue you’d like to open click on the thumbnail image of the issue to open and view its contents.





When performing a search we strongly suggest limiting the date range that you are searching by using Advanced Search.  This will provide a more targeted search with better search results.

3Click on “Advanced Search” to begin.




4Click on “Search by date.”




5Enter the starting and ending dates you’d like to search in the range.





6Choose the type of search you’d like to perform and enter the search terms in the box. Exact phrase searching is going to return the most targeted results, like a first and last name.


7If you are not finding the results you want remember that the text recognition processing is about 90% accurate, meaning that there may be misspellings.  Try to broaden your search, search for spelling variations, or use “All of the words” instead of “The exact phrase.”

When you find a result you’d like to view click on the thumbnail image to open and view its contents.

You will automatically be taken to the page where the first result appears. You can see how many times the search terms appear in the document at the top. Additional pages with the search terms will be marked with an asterisk on the page browser on the right side of the page.




Click on Full Browser Mode to view the text alongside the image.




9Use the Print button to print the images you have selected.  Use the Download button to download the images or a PDF of the issue you have selected.




10Return to the results list by clicking on “Results” in the top right corner of the page or browse to the next or previous result.