Ruth Neely headshot photographThe Board of Directors of the Sewickley Public Library of the Quaker Valley School District is delighted to announce the appointment of Ruth M. Neely as the organization’s new Library Director. With an extensive background in library management and a passion for community engagement, Neely is poised to bring a fresh vision to the library’s services and programs. She is expected to assume the position in mid-July.

As a foundational asset of the Quaker Valley community, the Sewickley Public Library’s mission is to serve as a center for lifelong learning by providing free access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library resources that address the interests and needs of the children and adults in the greater Quaker Valley community.

Neely brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position, as well as a familiarity with the community that Sewickley Public Library serves. She is a Pittsburgh native and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology and Political Science as well as a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. Since 2014, Neely has served as the Director of Libraries at Sewickley Academy. Neely has a proven track record of innovative leadership, successfully spearheading several projects at the Academy, including a large-scale renovation of the library space. She has also been involved with several local community-centered initiatives and partnerships with the Sewickley Public Library and the libraries of the Quaker Valley School District. Her deep understanding of evolving library trends and commitment to fostering inclusivity will undoubtedly continue to move Sewickley Public Library forward.

By harnessing the power of innovation and collective ideas from what she describes as a “highly accomplished and professional staff” Neely intends to shape a library that continues to reflect the unique needs and aspirations of the Sewickley community.

“I am honored and excited to join the Sewickley Public Library as its new Library Director,” Neely said. “Libraries have the potential to be transformative spaces, and I am committed to ensuring that the Sewickley Public Library remains an inclusive, dynamic, and vital resource for all. Together with the dedicated staff and the support of the community, we will create an environment that encourages discovery, growth, and lifelong learning.”

As the new Library Director, Neely will oversee the strategic direction of the library, as well as current and future renovation projects. She will be responsible for maintaining the library’s role as a community partner and ensuring the library continues to innovate with respect to the programs, services, and collections that are offered to the youth and adult patrons of the Quaker Valley.

The Board of Trustees and staff at Sewickley Public Library extend their warmest welcome to Neely. Board President, Dr. Joel Swanson shared that “the Board has full confidence that Ruthie’s passion for education, commitment to community engagement, and vision for the future will continue to elevate the Sewickley Public Library as a cornerstone of the community.”

Neely will succeed the library’s outgoing Director Carolyn Toth who is retiring after 25 years of dedicated service to the Sewickley Public Library and its patrons.

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Sewickley Public Library Appoints New Library Director to Lead and Innovate