Borough of Sewickley Official Website

Emergency Numbers – 911
24 Hour Non-Emergency – (412) 473-3056

Sewickley is an Indian word for “Sweet Water” and has a history that dates back to the mid 1700’s, with the first written mention of Sewickley dated December 31, 1767. The Borough was incorporated in 1 853 and is one square mile with a vibrant business district, the Sewickley Valley Hospital, Sewickley YMCA, Sewickley Public Library, Sewickley Community Center, Sweetwater Art Center and numerous churches. Sewickley has a wonderful historical significance in its housing with a mixture of mansions, Victorian houses and family homes.

Borough Government
Borough Manager – Kevin M. Flannery, (412) 741-4015
Administrative Assistant – Patty Flaherty, (412) 749 2530
Mayor – Brian Jeffe
Chief of Police – James Ersher, (412) 741 4119

Ward 1 – Bounded by Blackburn Road on the north and Beaver on the west
Susan H. Aleshire, (412) -749-6126
Delvin Miller, (412) 741-3050
Glenn Ford, (412) 741-6235

Ward 2 – Bounded by Blackburn Road & Walnut Street on the south and the Borough of Edgeworth on the north.
Carole Ford, (412) 741-3646
Thomas DeFazio, (412) 749-9466
Dean S.C. Williams, (412) 334-0340

Ward 3 – Bounded by Walnut Street on the north and Beaver Street on the east.
Robert Hague, (412) 741-2960
Bill Cornman, (412) 741-9328
Stan Ference, (412) 741-8400

Historic Review Commission – (412) 741-4015
Five member commission that reviews applications for exterior work on property located within the three historic districts of the Borough. They recommend to council whether or not to issue a Certificate of Appropriateness.

Tree Commission – (412) 741-4015
Five member commission, appointed by council, responsible for the planting, trimming and maintenance of public trees in Sewickley.

Planning Commission – (412) 741-4015
Seven member commission, appointed by Council, responsible for short and long term planning within the borough. They review subdivision plans and rezoning requests, and make recommendations to the Borough Council.

Zoning Hearing Board – (412) 741-4015
All applications for the Zoning Hearing Board must be received no later than 3:00 p.m. on the deadline date. No application will be processed without the application fee of ($250.00) paid in full prior to the deadline date.

Cochran Hose Company – (412) 741-4840
Provides fire protection services for the Borough of Sewickley and the surrounding communities of Osborne and Haysville. The Volunteer Fire Department responded to 189 calls. Currently, Jeff Neff is the Fire Chief.

Public Works Department – (412) 741-8990
Eight member department that is responsible for the infrastructure within the Borough of Sewickley, includ¬ing roads, storm sewers, snow removal, tree planting, general maintenance of all Borough properties and other work as is necessary. Located on Washington Street behind the Municipal Building.

Wastewater Treatment Department – (412) 741-6510
Responsible for sanitary sewage and the wastewater treatment plant located on Ferry & Chadwick Streets.

Police Department
Liaison Office to the Police Dept – (412) 741-4119
24 Hour Non Emergency Allegheny County Dispatch –             (412) 473-3056

Sewickley Water Authority
Office Administrator – Alberta Kaine, (412) 749 2537
Assistant – Debbie Rankin, (412) 749 2536
Superintendent – Ray Wolfgang, (412) 741 7238

Parks and Recreation
War Memorial Park – Chadwick Street Field

Waste Management Route Schedule
How do I get my garbage collected?
The Borough has a contract with a private hauler, Waste Management (           (800-866-4460). You need to contact them directly to arrange for curbside pickup service. Curbside pickup is once a week and for a higher fee you may select rear yard pick up. A voluntary recycling program is available to residents on a biweekly basis. Construction materials will not be taken.

Beall Way
Beaver St. (500 up 900’s odd numbers)
Boundary St. ,500’s)
Broad St. (500’s + 600’s even numbers)
Centennial Ave. (500’s up 900’s)
Church Way
Cochran St.
Cook St.
Cresent Ave.
Dickson St.
Farren St.
Fountain St.
Gray Lane
Harkness St.
Hill St. (500’s up)
Hopkins St.
Lake St.
Lincoln Place
Miller Way
Mulberry St.
Nevin Ave.
Straight St.

Ackley Terrace
Bank St. (500’s)
Beaver St. (600’s up 900’s even numbers)
Boundary St. (300’s & 400’s)
Broad St. (200’s & 300’s)
Cherry Way
Chestnut St. (200’s up)
Graham St
Harbaugh St.
Logan St.
Melville Lane
Ohio River Blvd. (600’s & 700’s odd numbers)
Peebles St.
Thorn St. (500’s up 900’s)
Washington St.
Woods Place

No Service

Academy Ave. (500’s up)
Backbone Rd.
Beaver St. (#3 up 300’s odd numbers)
Blackburn Rd.
Bradley Lane
Broad St. (500’s & 600’s odd numbers)
Canterbury Lane
Centennial Ave. (#7 up 400’s)
Chadwick St.
Charette Place
Chestnut St. (100’s)
Dippold St.
Elizabeth St.
Fleming Lane
Grimes St.
Grove St.
Grove St. Ext.
Hill St. (300’s)
Little Way
Locust Place
Maple Lane
McCready Way
McDonald St.
Ohio River Blvd. (even numbers)
Pine Rd.
Pryor Way
River Ave.
Sprott Way
Walnut St. (100’s)
Woodland Rd.

Bank St. (200’s & 300’s)
Beaver St. (#2 up 400’s even number)
Broad St. (400’s)
Elwick St.
Emery St.
Ferry St.
Frederick Ave.
Grant St.
Henry Ave.
Linden Court
Linden Place
Little St.
Thorn St. (400’s down)
Walnut St. (400’s down)

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