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Address: 24 River Rd Sewickley, PA 15143

Emergency Numbers – 911
24 Hour Non-Emergency – (412) 369-2200

The smallest community in the Quaker Valley, Haysville was incorporated in 1902, but its recorded history goes back another century to Captain John Hay. Hay, who was born in Baltimore in 1796, returned to this area in 1836 after being named Captain of the Jackson Independent Blues, a military group that fought in the Mexican War. As a flint glass manufacturer, he purchased a 214 acre tract of land called “Burgundia” from his father in-law, John Anderson (no relation to the Sewickley Andersons). He ran a small inn, the Union Hotel, on the hill above the present day intersection of River Road and Ohio River Boulevard. This hotel and the two others that followed became known for their curative waters. Haysville became Haysville when General William Robinson, president of Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway, called the site where the first rail was laid by the captain’s name. The general was a supporter of his spa enterprise.
Haysville’s second school house is now home to Schurman’s, a custom kitchen and bathroom business.


Borough Council 
Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm.


Fire Department
Cochran Hose Company – (412) 741-4840

Police Department
Pennsylvania State Police – (412) 741-4840

Waste Collection
Garbage pickup is every Tuesday morning.

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