pidayatsplCome to the library bearing gifts of PIE! March 14th is Pi Day (3.14) and in celebration of this mathematical day, we will be holding a Pie Baking Contest. This is our 6th Annual contest! Bring in a pie that you’ve made and we’ll have an “expert” panel of guest judges pick the best one. Apple, blueberry, or bacon; all pie varieties are welcome! The winner will get bragging rights and a special pi(e) prize. This contest is open to All Ages. Please Register if you want to bake a pie as there are a limited number of spots available! Audience members can purchase slices of pie for $2 each. Prizes sponsored by 3RPrep, the local experts on Pi and all test preparation matters.

Click Here to Register.

Having some culinary adventures while making your pie?? Share them with #pidayatspl

3/13/16: Day #14: Cherry Pie

3/12/16: Day #13: Pineapple Pie

3/11/16: Day #12: Fresh Key Lime Pie…YUM!

3/10/16: Day #11: Minecraft Pumpkin Pie!

3/9/16: Day #10 : Math Bites, All about Pie

3/8/16: Day #9: Minny’s Chocolate Pie from the Help (Minus the secret ingredient, thankfully)

3/7/16: Day #8: Make an Old Fashioned Buttermilk Chess Pie

3/6/16: Day #7: Cake vs. Pie, which is better?

3/5/16: Day #6: PIE FIGHT!

3/4/16: Day #5: Pie Charts about Pie, Using Pie

3/3/16: Day #4: Learn how to make a Classic Peach Pie!

3/2/16: Day #3: Make a Cherpumple! Monster cake with pies as a filling.

3/1/16: Day #2: Learn how to Blind Bake a Pie Crust. Great for no-bake pies!

2/29/16: Day #1: Learn how to make a tender and flaky crust using vodka!

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FIFTEEN DAYS OF PIE and the Pi Day Pie Baking Contest!