As President of the Library Board, it would be easy for me to reel off an impressive list of statistics, numbers of programs, attendees, books checked out, computer usage, etc. Instead, I decided to use comments left by some of our patrons on our message board in the past month to show how our Library is faring.

  • “Sewickley Public Library changed and blessed my life. The staff and patrons are a joy and really make this place the heart of the community.”
  • “We are blessed to have such a great Library in Sewickley. It offers so much more than just reading. Special thanks to the Children’s and Teen’s Departments. WE LOVE THE LIBRARY!!!!”
  • “Ever since I moved to Sewickley 5 years ago, the Library has been a home away from home-to learn, read, and relax.”
  • “I visit the Library at least once a week. The facilities are both pleasant and convenient. The Library’s best resources, however, are the employees who are professional and generous.”
  • “The Library is the best place EVER!!!”

We all need to thank the Community and Library leaders of the past generations who contributed to this wonderful resource that we have today.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we leave this Library a better place for future generations. As a non-profit, we will always need a little more support, another donation or extra volunteer hours. I hope you are as proud of our Sewickley Public Library as I am and that you will be dedicated to helping it to be a better Library tomorrow.

Thank You

Wayne Murphy

President, Sewickley Public Library Board of Directors

State of the Nation – 2015