“Sewickley, huh? Must be RICH.”IMG_0593

Yes, the Sewickley Valley IS rich. Rich in community spirit, engagement, and enthusiasm. As Treasurer of the Sewickley Public Library Board of Directors, I can assure you that every donation of money and time is much needed and appreciated. It is our strong community support that allows us to earn the designation as one of the top performing libraries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Have you ever wondered how we merited our full name, the Sewickley Public Library of the Quaker Valley School District? Under the aegis of the School District for the past half century, the Library receives approximately half of our annual budget from our 11 municipalities through school tax collection.

We are also fortunate to have a highly supportive Friends of the Sewickley Public Library that raises funds for our collections, Battle of the Books, Summer Reading Clubs, and special projects. In addition to their annual appeal letter, you have likely noticed the daily small scale and periodic “mega” book sale fundraisers. They have also held fifteen Savoring Sewickley events and the first ever “Spring Bound” art gala at the Art Space 616 Gallery earlier this year. Thank you Friends for all that you do for the Library.

Volunteer support makes your Library a special place. Whether it is assisting with circulation duties, shelving DVDs, cheerfully greeting patrons, or helping out with programs, they enrich the Library with their time. Wow, do we appreciate it!

Your Library is further enhanced by the devoted staff that delivers an outstanding array of programs targeted to children, young adult, and adult audiences. They go the extra distance to make certain that the community receives quality programming and services.

Most importantly, we thank YOU, our community. We’re grateful for the many ways you support our Library by:

  • Making a special gift to the library to honor a milestone event or memorialize a loved one or dear friend.
  • Supporting our annual appeal
  • Remembering to include the library in your estate planning.

We are thankful to receive all of the support that we do from you.

Yes, the Sewickley Valley is very blessed.

E. William Kleeman, Treasurer of the Sewickley Public Library Board of Directors.

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