We are excited to announce that we are once again lending special kits and educational packs starting January 2.

Available kits include:

8 American Girl Doll Kits Addy, Felicity, Julie, Kit, Logan, Luciana, Mary Ellen, or Melody

These kits include each named doll, plus sleepover essentials like a bed, blanket, hairbrush, and diary!

2 Nature Backpacks Birds & Pollinators

Get out and explore…even if it’s just your backyard! The Nature Backpacks include information about local parks, nature guides, and special tools to get started bird watching and identifying different pollinators. Additional backpacks are available to order across the county.

3 Preschool Grab Bags Birds, Opposites & Multicultural

Preschool grab bags include 4 books,
1 preschool plaything, and a parent tip sheet on the topic. These are ideal for 3-5 year-olds.

2 Oral Health Kits

Help introduce concepts for good oral health habits early with an oral health kit.

All kits check out for one week. Stop by the Children’s Department for more details and availability.

Kit Checkouts Return in Children’s Department